FAQ: How Big Is The Grocery Warehouse Of Western Family Foods?


Who makes Western Family products?

Western Family Foods was founded as the Pacific Mercantile Cooperative on March 3, 1934, by a group of retailer-owned grocery wholesalers. Western Family Foods was established December 19, 1963. Western Family Foods.

Type Private
Website http://www.westernfamily.com

Where is Western Family manufactured?

During winter, some of Alymer’s products are sourced from other countries. Western Family Fancy Cream Style Corn and All-purpose Flour are grown in Canada, a discovery that took an extra day to confirm with the supplier. Bick’s hamburger relish’s main ingredient, cucumbers, is Canadian.

Is Western family going out of business?

Wholesaler and cooperative Associated Food Stores has dropped the Western Family brand from Tigard, Ore. Along with the new Food Club items, Associated Food Stores is debuting Topco brands Buckley Farms in the meat category and Culinary Tours for specialty foods under its private label program.

What happened Western Family brand?

Wholesaler and cooperative Associated Food Stores has dropped the Western Family brand from Tigard, Ore. -based Western Family Foods and is replacing it with the Food Club brand from Topco Associates LLC, a cooperative based in Elk Grove Village, Ill. The company supplies independent grocery stores with store brands.

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Is Food Club a good brand?

With a larger variety of products, in some instances Food Club is able to beat the pricing, offering a delicious product for a better deal. Food Club’s quality standards are extremely high, similarly to Western Family.

Is Canada a Western Family brand?

Quality Ingredients with Western Family We proudly support over 1000 locally made Canadian products and partner with passionate producers and manufacturers who value the same things we do – high quality ingredients, traditional and authentic preparations, healthy, tasty, sustainable and local ingredients when possible.

What do the Western family own?

Iconic luxury retailers Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges are owned by Wittington Investments, as is furniture retailer Heal’s. Meanwhile, their cousin Alannah Weston is the chair of the Selfridges Group – having been in the role for a year after replacing her father and family patriarch Galen Weston.

Who makes Western family peanut butter?

Brands: Western Family Foods Inc. Brand owner: Western Family Foods, Inc.

Who owns Topco Associates?

Topco is a cooperative that is owned by more than 50 member companies, including Associated Grocers, Inc., Meijer, Schnuck Markets, Fresh Brands, Big Y Foods, and Giant Eagle.

Is Food Club the same as shurfine?

The Shurfine ® brand of yogurt (32 oz.) and whole wheat pasta (16 oz.) will change to the Food Club ® brand.

What store brand is food club?

Food Club is a Topco Associates brand. According to a press release, the transition is expected to be completed by the end of 2018 and will bring a variety of items to the more than 400 independent grocery stores AFS serves across the intermountain West. Food Club offers more than 1,600 products.

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What does Topco stand for?

The UK top company ( Topco ), also a newly established company, is the main equity pooling vehicle into which the private equity fund(s) and rolling management will invest.

Who Makes Food Club brand?

Topco Associates brands include Food Club and Shurfine for general groceries, Harvest Club for produce, World Classics Trading Company is used for pasta sauce, deli mustard, olive oil, vinegar, deli meats etc., while @ease for frozen meals and Papa Enzo’s for frozen pizzas.

Did shurfine change its name?

WASHINGTON — Shurfine Central Corp. is moving ahead with its commitment to international programs, and has changed its name to underline that direction.

What happened to shurfine?

Until 2016, Shurfine was a unit of Western Family Foods, based in Portland, Oregon and serviced by Associated Wholesalers, Inc. (AWI). In 2016, Western Family was acquired by Topco.

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