FAQ: How Big Is The Radford Family?


What is the biggest family in the UK?

Britain’s largest family consisting of 22 children have shared how they’re good friends with two other massive families – one in Scotland and one over the other side of the world in Australia. Family of 24, the Radfords, live in Morecambe, Lancashire, and is made up of mum Sue, dad Noel and 22 children.

How big is the Radford family house?

Sue and Noel Radford, from Morecambe, Lancashire, have 22 kids and squeeze their large brood into a 10-bed former care home. The home is spread over four storeys, with many of the kids sharing a room together.

Are the Radford family rich?

When asked if the family were rich, she replied: “Absolutely not, we’re definitely not secret millionaires. “To me rich would be having a big mansion, the flash cars and quite a few hundred thousand in the bank, to me that would be rich but we are not that.”

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How many bedrooms do the Radford family have?

Staggeringly, the Radfords somehow manage to fit 19 of their 22 kids into their 10- bedroom home in Morecambe, Lancashire.

Has Radford had another baby?

Britain’s biggest family the Radfords are welcoming another baby – Sue and Noel Radford have announced they are expecting another grandchild! The expectant father shared the happy news on Instagram, writing alongside a scan: “So that’s baby number 3 cooking nicely, another little boy.”

Is Millie Radford pregnant?

A pregnant teenager, and one of 22 siblings in Britian’s biggest family, has been left red-faced after saying she bought a ‘sleeps**t’ for her new baby. Millie Radford, 18, is part of the massive brood from Noel and Sue, and is herself now expecting.

Do any of the Radford family work?

Sue added: “We have a strong work ethic, which comes from our families. Noel has worked since the age of 12 with a milk round and in a bakery and I still work part-time helping out with the paperwork.” The Radford house is run with military precision.

How do the Radford family afford holidays?

How do the Radfords afford to live? The Radfords support themselves with the proceeds of Noel’s bakery, The Radford Pie company, which is located near their home.

Who is the biggest family in the world?

Ziona Chana was recognized by a number of sources as heading the world’s largest existing family, with a total of 167 members, including grandchildren. Though Winston Blackmore, the head of a polygamous Mormon sect in Canada, is said to have fathered roughly 150 children with 27 wives, for a total of 178.

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Is Sophie Radford still married?

Sophie Rose Broadley (née Radford ) (born December 13, 1993). She is the second child of Noel Radford and Suzanne Radford.

Sophie Broadley
Spouse(s): Joe Broadley (August 2015 – Present)
Children: Daisy Broadley (daughter) Ayprill Broadley (daughter) Leo Broadley (son)

How old is the oldest child in the Radford family?

Family. Check out there YouTube channel The Radford Family now get them to 3,000 subs by autumn

# Name Date of birth
1 Christopher Radford May 7, 1989 (1989-05-07) ( age 32)
2 Sophie Broadley December 13, 1993 (1993-12-13) ( age 27)
3 Chloe Radford July 31, 1995 (1995-07-31) ( age 25)
4 Jack Radford April 9, 1997 (1997-04-09) ( age 24)


What happened to Tillie radfords leg?

It was also a big day for 10-year-old Tillie Radford who had not been to school for around a year after suffering a serious leg injury in 2019. The primary school child had to walk with a frame until May due to a condition where one of her legs had stopped growing and had to be strengthened.

Do the radfords own their own home?

They then got married when Sue was 17 and Noel was 21. The couple got married on September 26, 1992. The family now lives in a former care home in Morecambe. The family owns and operates Radford’s Pie Company, also known as Faraday’s, a bakery in Heysham, which they acquired in 1999.

What house do the radfords live in?

Sneak peek inside the Radford’s 10-bedroom home in Morecambe. Britain’s biggest family-of-24, the Radfords, call Lancashire’s coastal town of Morecambe their home. They reside in a 10-bedroom former care home which parents Sue and Noel purchased for £240,000 back in 2004.

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Are the radfords Catholic?

They’re not Catholics. And though they are both adopted, neither Noel nor Sue attribute this factor to their desire to create an enormous family for themselves. ‘We don’t even think about that consciously,’ says Sue. ‘We just like having lots of children around.

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