FAQ: How To Avoid Big Family Gatherings?


How do you avoid family gatherings?

Whatever your reason is, there are several good excuses that will help you successfully avoid a family gathering.

  1. Work the weekend of your family gathering.
  2. Plan a day trip to visit your out-of-town aunt or your uncle in the nursing home.

Why do I avoid family gatherings?

If being around members of your family brings up symptoms of anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, compulsive behaviors, and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is completely okay to give yourself permission to forgo family gatherings and events.

How do you deal with a large family gathering?

If family gatherings are stressful—here’s what to do

  1. Take nothing personally.
  2. Focus on what you have in common, and avoid any “hot topics”.
  3. Consider a “ditch the phones” rule.
  4. Don’t stress over the little stuff.
  5. Be yourself & let others be themselves too.
  6. Gather together to pray and to be thankful.

Why are family gatherings so stressful?

Even for the closest families, conflicts do happen, especially when people are confined to a limited space during family gatherings that last for days. “Because conflict is a normal part of relationships, the closer you are and the more you self-disclose, and the more you hear things you don’t like,” Regan says.

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Why do family gatherings give me anxiety?

You may have lots of reasons for skipping family events. Experiencing social anxiety around family is more common than you may think. Loved ones sometimes aren’t shy about asking you too many questions or meddling in your personal life. You may even have family members who are disrespectful or rude.

How can family gatherings help with anxiety?

Managing Anxiety During Family Gatherings

  1. Think Ahead and Plan Before You Arrive.
  2. Anticipate Any Potential Triggers.
  3. Consider Ways to Minimize Triggers.
  4. Decide How You’ll Respond When Triggers Arise.
  5. Practice Your Positive Coping Strategies.
  6. Take a Moment to Step Away for Some Quiet Time.

How can an introvert survive a family gathering?

Here are my survival tips for my friend and all you HSP Introverts out there:

  1. Have your own space.
  2. Offer to help.
  3. Look after your health.
  4. Plan in Solo Exercise.
  5. Avoid long car trips with people.
  6. Ask to (or try to) sit next to people you feel relaxed with during meals.

What should you not talk about in a family gathering?

“ You should never talk about religion, politics or money at family gatherings because it will end it a fight.

How do you survive an awkward family gathering?

How to Handle Uncomfortable Conversations with Family

  1. Embrace a new perspective.
  2. Choose a confidante.
  3. Set boundaries.
  4. Bring your own conversation starters.
  5. Start the day on a positive note.
  6. Keep the conversation light, and then…
  7. Ask your family to do the same.
  8. Use your time to help the host prepare or clean up.

How do you behave in a family gathering?

Five tips on how to get through a family gathering

  1. Don’t take it personally. That snide comment from your ex, the joke at your expense from your sibling — let them get personal, but don’t take what they say to heart.
  2. Keep it casual.
  3. Don’t compare.
  4. Have a code word.
  5. Make yourself useful.
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How do you socialize at a family gathering?

Make a good impression at the dinner table. Eat with your mouth closed, don’t talk with a full mouth, elbows off the table, don’t slurp, burp, fart, etc. Be conscious of your manners, it may make a difference. Don’t ever listen to people who say that you should change your attire or life to fit in at a reunion.

Do introverts like family gatherings?

As a major introvert, any social gathering with more than four or five people (even two or three) is the bane of my being — and family gatherings are no exception. Introvert or not, it can be too much for anyone at times. And since most introverts hate small talk, these get-togethers seem even worse for me.

How vacation stress negatively affects family life?

What does stress do to families? Every family reacts different to stress, but some of the most common effects include: Arguments, fighting and other poor communication skills. Fatigue, health problems and general exhaustion because of busy schedules.

Why do I dread family gatherings?

In short, the dynamics of your family may have set you up for feeling anxious when getting together with them again. And it’s not necessarily that you don’t care for everyone in your family. Even having a negative history with just one single family member may force you to cope with anxiety before a family gathering.

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