FAQ: What Large Building Once Owned Kennedy Family Has Its Own Zip Code?


Does the Kennedy family still own the Merchandise Mart in Chicago?

Kennedy bought Chicago’s Merchandise Mart for $13 million, less than half what it cost to build the colossal limestone and terra-cotta landmark. For the next half a century, its rents funded the public lives of his children and grandchildren, and it remains today the single most valuable Kennedy family asset.

How much is the Merchandise Mart worth?

The Merchandise Mart has more than doubled in value, to $917 million, since Vornado Realty Trust bought it from the Kennedy family in a blockbuster transaction nine years ago.

Who owns Chicago Merchandise Mart?

Our Company theMART is owned by Vornado Realty Trust (VNO). Headquartered in New York City, Vornado is one of the largest owners and managers of real estate in the United States with a portfolio of approximately 60 million square feet.

Does the Merchandise Mart still exist?

The Merchandise Mart (or the Merch Mart, or the Mart ) is a commercial building located in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Merchandise Mart
Completed 1930
Opening May 5, 1930
Owner Vornado Realty Trust
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What is inside Merchandise Mart?

theMART is home to hundreds of tenants including manufacturers’ showrooms displaying everything from the finest home and outdoor furniture to luxury kitchen and baths to inventive office furniture solutions.

How big is the Merchandise Mart in Chicago?

The Merchandise Mart, situated on the Chicago River, occupies more than 4 million square feet (approximately 372,000 square meters) or the equivalent of two-and-a-half city blocks.

How many square feet is the Merchandise Mart in Chicago?

Encompassing some 4,200,000 square feet (390,000 square metres) of floor space, the Merchandise Mart spans two city blocks along the Chicago River, rises 25 stories, and was the largest building in the world when it opened in 1930.

How many people work in the Merchandise Mart?

Encompassing 4.2 million gross square feet, The Mart spans two city blocks and rises 25 stories. The epicenter for high design and luxury goods, The Merchandise Mart welcomes 38,500 people each business day and nearly 10 million people each year.

How many square feet is the Willis Tower?

Willis Tower opened in 1973 and took 2,000 workers 3 years to build. It took the Ancient Egyptians 20 years to build the pyramids at Giza. The building has 4.5 million gross square feet (418,064 gross square meters) of floor space; or roughly 101 football fields.

How many zip codes are in Chicago?

There are nearly sixty different zip codes in Chicago that stretch as far south as Riverdale (60827) all the way up to Rogers Park (60626) on the city’s north side.

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