FAQ: Whem Making Family T Shirts How Large Should The Design Be?


How big should an image be on a shirt?

If you want a nice, big graphic, 11 to 13 inches is typically the size of what you’ll print on the shirt, depending on the size of your shirt. The longest side of a sheet of paper is 11 inches long, giving you a nice visual representation of how large your graphic may look on a shirt.

How big should a decal be on a shirt?

For XL size or above measure the tshirt & size the design accordingly. Pocket decals should be around 4″ x 4″ & sleeve designs are typically 2″ x 11″.

What is the most popular t shirt size?

When you look at the numbers, large is the most common shirt size. In fact, it accounts for about 30 percent of shirt sales. Coming in at 28 percent, the size medium is a close runner-up and extra large is next at 20 percent. The percentages are much lower for smaller and larger sizes.

How big should a design be on an XL shirt?


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Shirt Size Standard Width Suggested Design Width
X- Large 24 inches 11-12 inches
2X- Large 26 inches 12.5-13.5 inches
3X- Large 28 inches 13-14 inches
4X- Large 30 inches 13.5-14.5 inches


How far down should a design be on the front of a shirt?

Learn These 9 Crucial Printing Terms To Help You Place the Perfect Order. If your design is a regular full front size, the standard placement for that will start at 4” from the bottom of the collar, and the design will extend as far down as it goes, to the edge of the maximum print area.

How big should a decal be on a onesie?

All brand sizes are different so it’s always best to measure the onesie to pinpoint the exact amount of space you have to work with. This is a 3-6 month size onesie. You can easily fit a 5″ decal across the width of the garment.

Should T shirts be tight or loose?

Regardless your body shape, the perfect T – Shirt should neither be too loose nor too tight. A T – Shirt that is too wide does not hide unnecessary kilos, but makes the wearer look even bigger and rounder. A tight -fitting T – Shirt, on the other hand, looks like a compression shirt and is never nice, not even on trained men.

How do you ask for t-shirt size?

Hug them, then look at their shirt’s tag while doing so. Ask out of curiosity where their shirt is made and reach back for their tag to check it (but you are actually checking the size, tee -hee). Ask someone closer to them than you who would know without having to ask.

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What color T shirts sell the most?

We ran the numbers on the top- selling t – shirt styles and colors – our data showed that t – shirt colors in black, navy, and dark heather grey were the most popular colors. While the most popular t – shirt styles were the Premium Unisex Tee and Women’s Slim Fit Tee from Next Level Apparel, and Long Sleeve Tee from Gildan.

What size should a design be on a 3XL shirt?

Adult 2XL, 3XL, 4XL & Above Measure 3″ – 3.5″ down from the center of the neckline. This is where the top of your design should fall. A good size for adult 2XL & larger shirts is 11″ x 11″ (up to 12″ – 13″.)

How far down should av neck shirt Be?

The measurements that you will use to place your graphics on the shirt will differ from crew neck to v – neck or scoop neck t- shirts. Normally, with crew neck shirts, we suggest a full front design be placed 3″ to 3.5″ down from the neck seam. Or, if you don’t have a ruler, use your hand.

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