FAQ: Where To Stay With A Large Family In Ambergis Caye?


Where should I stay in Ambergris?

Here are our travelers’ top 5 places to stay in Ambergris Caye:

  • Playa De Sala, in San Pedro.
  • Bella Vista Guesthouse & Cabins, in San Pedro.
  • The Palms Oceanfront Suites, in San Pedro.
  • Matachica Resort & Spa – Adults Only, in San Pedro.
  • Caye Casa, in San Pedro.

Is Belize a good family vacation spot?

Overall, Belize is a safe place for family vacations. Contrary to other places such as some parts of Mexico, you can easily and safely leave the confines of your all-inclusive resort.

Are there monkeys on Ambergris Caye?

Many of which can be seen from the resort grounds. Belize’s national animal and bird are rare and intriguing animals; the tapir and the toucan. Yet they are not the only rarities, for there are jaguars, the scarlet macaws, howler monkeys and the crocodiles to name a few of our larger more visible land loving neighbors.

Is Ambergris Caye expensive?

San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is one of the most expensive places in Central America, and it’s more expensive than nearby Caye Caulker, but compared to many Caribbean islands it’s a bit of a bargain.

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Is Ambergris Caye safe?

Mostly safe but with some troubled neighborhoods, Belize City is like any urban area, while Ambergris Caye is like an upscale suburb. Richer, friendlier and safer, it’s highly unlikely you’ll encounter trouble here. Ambergris Caye is very safe. It’s a great place to retire or to own a second home.

What is the best part of Belize to stay in?

10 Top -Rated Beaches in Belize

  1. Placencia Peninsula. Idyllic Placencia beach scene.
  2. Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye.
  3. South Water Caye. South Water Caye.
  4. Hopkins Village Beach. Hopkins Village Beach.
  5. Half Moon Caye. Half Moon Caye.
  6. Southwest Caye. Aerial view of Glover’s Reef Basecamp.
  7. Caye Caulker. Beach on Caye Caulker.
  8. Silk Caye.

Why is Belize so dangerous?

Generally, anything north of Belize City is considered ‘ risky ‘ because of gang activity. Some areas in the country have been classified as “crime-ridden” and police in these places have the right to stop and search without warning, so be aware of that.

Is Belize cheaper than Costa Rica?

Belize and Costa Rica are comparable in price and both very affordable. Anyway Belize is slightly cheaper than Costa Rica.

Is Belize safer than Costa Rica?

It’s worth nothing that both countries are safe. To sum it up: Belize is faster to get to and its small size makes traveling around in the country pretty easy, but flights from the U.S. cost more. Costa Rica has longer, cheaper flights, but getting around the larger country takes more time and planning.

What dangerous animals live in Belize?

Here are seven of the most frightening and dangerous animals in Belize.

  1. Black Widow Spider. Credit: Veronica Lorine via Unsplash.
  2. Bullet Ant. Credit: Parvana Praveen via Unsplash.
  3. Mayan Coral Snake. Credit: Thomas Evans via Unsplash.
  4. Poison Dart Frog.
  5. Portuguese Man O War.
  6. Eyelash Viper.
  7. Common Vampire Bat.
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Are there monkeys in Belize?

The Black Howler Monkey, known as the “baboon” in Belize, is the largest monkey in Belize and one of the largest in the Americas. Throughout most of its range, the Howler Monkey is endangered from hunting and habitat destruction.

Can you see monkeys in Belize?

As you travel on your journey through Belize, you will have plenty of opportunities to come in View the Howler Monkeys in Belize with Adventure Lifecontact with the unique howler monkey.

Which is better Placencia or Ambergris Caye?

Overall, if you are looking for small-town, tranquil beach life, Placencia is going to be your speed. If you are looking for a party and tons to do, meeting people every night of the week, Ambergris is probably going to be the right speed.

Can you swim in Ambergris Caye?

With the Barrier Reef just off-shore, the island of Ambergris Caye enjoys water that is calm and fairly shallow. This does not include beach furniture or toys, but you can swim at any of the beaches you find on the island. Docks are public from 6am-6pm.

Are cars allowed on Ambergris Caye?

Once there you find that the Island is a very dusty, noisy place filled with Golf Carts, taxis, trucks, making walking around San Pedro, noisy, dusty and potentially dangerous as there does not appear to be any vehicular control. The roads in the town are sort of paved /or cobbled but not pleasant to use.

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