Often asked: How Do You Say My Family Big Brother In Korean?


What is called Big Brother in South Korea?

형 (hyeong) Big brother (if you are a girl) 오빠 (oppa) Big sister (if you are a boy) 누나 (nuna)

How do you list family members in Korean?

Paternal side (친가, chin-ga)

  1. 작은아버지 (jag-eun-ah-buh-ji) or 작은 아빠 (jag-eun ah-ppa) — uncle / father’s brother (younger, usually married)
  2. 큰어머니 (keun-uh-muh-ni) or 큰엄마 (keun-uh-ma) — aunt / father’s older brother’s wife.
  3. 작은어머니 (jag-eun-uh-muh-ni) or 작은엄마 (jag-eun-uhm-ma) — aunt / father’s younger brother’s wife.

What does a girl call an elder brother in Korean?

In a Korean family, Claire would call her older brother Michael not by his actual name but by saying “oppa”, a word meaning, simply, “older brother ”. But the word “oppa” should only be used by a female speaker. When Bill calls his older brother Michael, he has to use a different word, “hyung”, instead of “oppa”.

Can I call my boyfriend oppa?

It’s all right, the word ” Oppa ” also means ” Boyfriend ” or “Hubby” in Korea. It’s a term of endearment. You can call your boyfriend Oppa with a much sweeter tone.

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Is Oppa flirty?

With the right inflection, oppa can be a really flirtatious way for a girl to let a guy know she’s into him. And, once in a relationship, the girl will continue to refer to her beau as oppa. They often think oppa means “boyfriend,” but that’s not the case.

What do twins call each other in Korean?

Twins are basically family members each other. In this situation, one of twins has to call the other one with a proper title like hyeong (형), nuna (누나), eonni (언니), or oppa (오빠), though they’re at the same Korean age, unlike between non-families.

What is a Gomo in Korean?

Noun. 고모 • ( gomo ) (hanja 姑母) paternal aunt (one’s father’s sister) Coordinate term: 이모(姨母) (imo, “maternal aunt”)

What do you call your mother in law in Korea?

Family words in Korean

Korean (한국어)
father-in- law (wife’s side) 장인 어른 (jangin eoreun)
mother-in-law (husband’s side) 어머님 (eomeonim)
mother-in-law (wife’s side) 장모님 (jangmonim)
brother-in- law (husband’s side) 형님 (hyeongnim) 도련님 (doryeonnim) 서방님 (seobangnim)


Can a girl say Hyung?

“ Hyung ” means “Elder Brother” and this term is used exclusively by a male sibling. “Oppa” means “Elder Brother” and is used exclusively by a female sibling.

What does Sunbae mean?

Sunbae(선배, 先輩) is a word that refers to people with more experience (at work, school, etc), and hoobae(후배, 後輩) refers to people with less experience. Generally, hoobaes have to use jondaetmal(존댓말, honorific language) to sunbaes, meaning they have to speak very politely and treat them with respect.

What do Korean guys call their girlfriends?

This is really a personal call, so you might want to try calling him a few names with your boyfriend to see what he likes. Some potential names are 왕자님 (wangjanim)”, 오빠 (oppa), 자기야 (jagiya), 내 사랑 (nae sarang), or 여보 (yeobo).

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What is Dongsaeng?

What does dongsaeng (동생) mean? What if you are the older one? Then the other person is your 동생 ( dongsaeng )! This term means both little sister and little brother, though if you want to put more emphasis on the gender of the 동생 ( dongsaeng ) you are talking about, you can add 여 (yeo) for girls and 남 (nam) for boys.

What Is Oppa in English?

oppa (오빠) means “an older brother”, and it is only used when a girl is calling an older brother or a older man who she trusts. In English, you can call someone brother (or sister) to show that you are a close friend.

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