Often asked: How Large Can You Make Your Spotify Family.?


How strict is Spotify family?

Each account is viewed as an individual premium account, meaning they each keep saved music, playlists, and recommendations. One of the core rules of the Family plan is all individuals using it must live at the same address, but Spotify is suspicious that’s not always the case.

How much is Spotify family sharing?

The base Premium account pricing for Spotify stays the same — $9.99, £9.99 or AU$11.99 per month for one user. But after the price drop last month, you can have up to six people on the account (one primary and five family members) for just $14.99, £14,99 or AU$17.99 per month.

Can I upgrade my Spotify Premium to family?

You can upgrade to Family with your existing Premium account and keep all your saved music, playlists and recommendations. It’s a playlist of music that everyone in your family loves, available exclusively to Premium Family members.

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How does Spotify’s family plan work?

Premium Family is a discount subscription for up to 6 family members who live together. The subscription plan includes a separate Spotify account for each user, so everyone keeps their own music and login details.

Does Spotify really check address for family?

Once you sign up for the family plan, Spotify will ask those on the plan to provide the company a home address using Google Maps. “Once verification of a family member’s home address is completed, we do not store their location data or track their location at any time,” a Spotify spokesperson said.

Does Spotify know if you live at the same address?

According to a new set of terms and conditions for the plan that the company published back in August, Spotify is now requiring the primary account holder and everyone else on the plan to show proof that they reside at the same address, which it will now confirm from “time to time” by asking users to verify their

Can 2 people use the same Spotify account?

Yes, two people can listen to a Spotify account at the same time — here’s how to do it in 2 ways. Two people can listen to the same Spotify account at the same time if you use an Offline Mode workaround, but you’ll need to have a Spotify Premium subscription.

Is Spotify Premium family worth it?

The Spotify family plan can save you almost $45/month depending on how many people you have in your household. You can also find great deals on cell phone family plans, saving you $20/month on each line! Spotify’s premium plan for families can save you money if you’re paying for separate premium plans already.

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Do you have to be in the same house for Spotify family?

But to be clear, the Spotify rules explicitly state that anyone on a Family Plan need to live at the same physical address. So keep in mind, if you ‘ re living at different residences, you are violating those rules.

Will I lose my music if I join family sharing Spotify?

If you change your subscription from Premium Family to Premium Duo, all the sub-accounts will revert to the free service. However, they won’t lose their music and playlists, only the downloaded content since it’s a Premium feature.

Did Spotify increase price?

Spotify is increasing the price of its Premium Family plan in the US. As of April 30th, it will cost $16 per month, up from $15 monthly, to get up to six in the same household access to the company’s ad-free listening experience. Spotify announced the price hike in an email it sent to current subscribers.

How much is Spotify premium for a year?

Spotify – $99 Annual Card.

How does Spotify enforce same address?

In Spotify’s descriptions for its premium plans, the Family plan is said to be “for families residing on the same address.” To enforce this, the music streaming service’s updated terms and conditions for the family plan, uploaded in August, state that Spotify will, from time to time, ask members to verify that they are

Is there an age limit on Spotify?

Must be 13 or older to use the Free Service. For Paid Subscriptions, you must be the age of majority in your province or territory of residence, or 13 or older with parent or guardian consent. To use the Free Service, must be 16 or older, or be 13 or older and have parent or guardian consent.

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