Often asked: Link To The Scene In My Big Fat Greek Wedding Where Ian’s Family Visits Toula’s?


Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding a true story?

1993 wedding, Vardolos wrote the one-woman play ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” partially based on her own experiences. She starred in the 2002 hit movie playing Toula Portokalos, who falls in love with non- Greek Ian Miller (John Corbett).

Where did they film My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Despite being based on life in the Greek community of Winnipeg, the film was set in Chicago and shot in both Toronto and Chicago. Toronto’s Ryerson University and Greektown neighborhood feature prominently in the film.

Who died from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Actress Nia Vardalos was forced to miss her father’s funeral due to the coronavirus crisis. The ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding ” star had to speak to her father, Gus Vardalos, on his death bed during a heartbreaking phone call after he was recently hospitalised in Canada, reports aceshowbiz.com.

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What does Xeno mean in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Toula’s father says that Toula has finally met a boy, but not a nice Greek boy, no a ” Xeno with long hairs on his head!” Xeno means “foreigner.” From Quiz: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Will There Be A Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?

“Yes, it is true that for over a year we have been trying to film a script that I wrote called ‘ My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,'” Vardalos, 58, said on her Instagram on Wednesday. “But what is also true is that we are not filming.

Did Tom Hanks produced My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

In 2002, Joel Zwick’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding became a worldwide phenomenon. Shot on a budget of $5 million, the Tom Hanks – produced movie went on to earn more than $368 million at the global box office.

Does Netflix Have My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding | Netflix.

Is Aunt Voula Maria’s sister?

Andrea Martin as Theia Voula, Toula’s aunt and Maria’s sister.

Who is the bride in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

bride in “my big fat greek wedding “
Bride in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding “
Toula portrayer in ‘ My Big Fat Greek Wedding ‘


How did Nia Vardalos lose weight?

Vardalos managed to lose 40 pounds by following a low glycemic, reduced calorie diet and taking her dog for long walks. She even put it simply: “ditching the burrito and going for a walk”. The 47 year old actress and screenwriter star is now in control of her weight loss but she makes sure it does not rule her life.

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Is Toula Virgin in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Nia Vardalos plays Toula Portokalos, a 30-year-old virgin who spent her life contemptuously doing everything her overprotective xenophobic parents expected of her, and she was somehow astonished that this strategy didn’t result in happiness.

What does Opa means in Greek?

Opa! Is an expression often used in Greek celebrations, weddings and dancing. It means joy, hooray or cheers.

Were all different but in the end were all fruit?

We all different, but in the end, we all fruit. Gus Portokalos: There are two kinds of people – Greeks, and everyone else who wish they was Greek.

What does the name Xeno mean?

Xeno – comes from the Greek xénos, a noun meaning “stranger, guest” or an adjective meaning “foreign, strange.” The name of the chemical element (and noble gas) Xenon also derives from the Greek xénos.

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