Often asked: What To Expect When Taking A Large Family On A Cruise Ship When Children Are Under 21?


Can a 20 year old go on a cruise with a 21 year old?

No Guest younger than the age twenty -one ( 21 ) will be assigned to a stateroom unless accompanied in the same stateroom by an adult twenty -one ( 21 ) years old or older. A guest’s age is established upon the first date of sailing.

Can children under 12 go on a cruise?

A limited number of children under 12 will be permitted to embark — no more than 5% of passengers. The cruise line said that guests can apply for those limited spots and that children will be tested for Covid-19. There also will be mask requirements and other restrictions for unvaccinated guests in the 5%.

Can I take my grandchild on a cruise?

Adults who are not the parent or Legal Guardian of any minor child traveling with them are required to present the child’s valid passport and visa or the child’s birth certificate (original, a notarized copy or a certified copy) and an original notarized letter signed by at least one of the child’s parents.

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Can you drink under 21 on a cruise?

All passengers must be 21 years old to drink alcohol on all cruises, and 18 to gamble in the casino or occupy a cabin alone.

Can you go on a cruise at 18 with a 21 year old?

Rules for cruising alone: Passengers must be 21 years old to travel on their own. Certain cruises require passengers 21 –24 years old to be accompanied by someone 25 years or older. Minimum age to leave the ship on your own: Passengers must be 18 or older to go on a ship -sponsored shore excursion on their own.

Do FAKE IDS work on cruises?

You cannot use the fake ID on the ship.

What is the maximum age limit to work on a cruise ship?

A: NO! There is no strict age limit; however there are certain guide lines related to recommended age of applicants for shipboard employment. All applicants with no exception must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.

How old should a child be to go on a cruise?

Infants must be at least 6 months of age at the time of embarkation in order to sail with the exception of the following cruises: Children must be at least 12 months of age at the time of embarkation in order to sail on trans-ocean crossings and remote itineraries, where there are more than 2 consecutive sea days.

What age is considered a child on Royal Caribbean?

Yes. Children’s pricing is valid for children 12 and under. Infants ages 3 and under will be carried free of charge, subject to them not occupying a seat. Tour tickets for infants are not issued, but once onboard the ship, the appropriate staff must be advised of the infant’s participation accordingly.

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Can you take someone else’s kid on a cruise?

Yes! You MUST carry a notarized affidavit signed by both parents stating you have permission to take their child out of the country. You will also want a note stating you can authorize medical care for their child too!

Do grandparents need permission to take grandchildren abroad?

Letters of authority or consent If you are travelling with children and are not their parent, it may be wise to bring a letter of consent from the child’s parents. These are useful if grandparents are taking grandchildren abroad, or for divorced parents where one is taking the child abroad alone.

What do you need to fly with a grandchild?

Domestic Travel

  1. Letter of permission: a notarized letter from the parent(s) giving permission for medical care.
  2. Insurance cards: copies of the grandchildren’s insurance cards as well as prescription cards, dental cards, and secondary insurance cards if applicable.

What cruise line can 18 year olds drink on?

Freedom Of The Seas Resumes Sailing With New Rules A few lines (including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Norwegian) allow 18 – to 20- year – olds to drink alcohol in international waters if their parent or adult guardian signs a waiver form.

Are there any cruise lines that allow 18 year olds?

The following cruise lines require that at least one person in each cabin is 18 or older: Clipper, Cruise West, Cunard, Oceania, Orient Lines, Peter Deilmann, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, SeaDream, Star Clippers, Uniworld, and Windjammer.

Can 18 year olds drink on cruise ships?

The minimum age to consume alcohol on Royal Caribbean International ships on sailings from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand is eighteen ( 18 ). The minimum age to consume alcohol at all private destinations remains twenty-one (21) without regard to where the sailing originated.

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