Often asked: Why Was Big Ma Was Called Upon To Help The Berry Family?


What was Big Ma concerned about at the beginning of chapter two?

The main plot line begins to take shape in Chapter Two. The burning of John Henry Berry by white men is a kind of lynching, in which white men take the life of a black man and are not punished for it. The police look the other way.

Why does Big Ma let Cassie go to Strawberry?

Avery asked if she would take T.J. to pick up some items in Strawberry that they couldn’t get at the Wallace store. And now the reason why Cassie is allowed to go becomes clear: Big Ma doesn’t want to ride for twenty-two miles listening to T.J.’s unceasing chatter. Strawberry is nothing like what Cassie imagines.

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Why does Big Ma go into Strawberry each month?

Why does Big Ma go to Strawberry the second Saturday of every month? Big Ma goes to Strawberry for the market. There she can sell the extra butter, milk, and eggs that the family doesn’t need.

Who keeps bothering Big Ma about the Logan land?

As they approach the house, Harlan Granger’s silver car passes by. Big Ma says he has been bothering her about the land again. She wanders off to the wood and Cassie follows her.

Why are the Logan children forbidden to go to the Wallace store?

Papa announces that his family does not shop at the Wallace store. Mr. Wallace owned the store on the Granger’s land, and the children were forbidden to go to it because Mr. Wallace was a bad influence.

Does TJ die in Let the Circle Be Unbroken?

Although he is innocent, he is tried by an all-white jury and convicted. Stacey does everything in his power to help his friend, but in the end, T.J. is sentenced to death.

Why does Cassie become so angry at Mr Barnett?

Cassie became angry and Mr. Barnett because he waited on her after all the white people. Mr. Barnett is the shopkeeper in Strawberry.

What did Lillian Jean do to Cassie?

One day, Cassie lures Lillian Jean into the woods, telling her “I got a real nice surprise for you”. She then goads the bigger girl into slapping her, after which Cassie, having been technically hit first, “flail(s) into ( Lillian Jean )

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What happens between Cassie and Lillian Jean?

As Lillian Jean begins trusting Cassie, she tells her all her own secrets, as well as those of her friends and brothers. Cassie eventually exacts her revenge by leading Lillian Jean into the woods, where she drops her books on the ground and starts taunting her.

Why does Cassie apologize big mass?

Big Ma makes Cassie apologize to Lillian Jean Simms for bumping into her. Big Ma does this because she does not want to cause any more trouble and continue this conversation with Mr. Simms, Lillian’s father.

What is wrong with Mr Berry?

Berry and his family: “He’s low sick all right, ’cause he got burnt near to death. Him and his two nephews, And you know who done…” In Taylor’s novel, the Berry family is burned out of their home by virulently and violently racist whites.

What was the real reason Mrs Logan was fired?

When someone like Mama refuses to teach false material, she gets into trouble and loses her teaching position. Mama says that the real reason she was fired was because of the boycott—and she doesn’t know what they’ll do, since they needed that money.

What Did Big Ma tell Cassie about trees in the land?

Anderson decided to cut down some of their trees in hopes of selling the land. His tactics did not work. Big Ma tells Cassie how she and Grandpa bought the land and the struggle they’ve had to keep the land.

Why is Mr Tatum tarred and feathered?

Expert Answers According to T.J., Sam Tatum was tarred and feathered because he allegedly called Mr. Jim Lee Barnett, the man who runs the Mercantile in Strawberry, a liar.

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What was TJ’s punishment for getting Mama fired?

What was T.J. ‘s punishment for getting Mama fired? Cassie punched him. Everyone stopped talking to him. He was kicked out of school.

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