Question: How Big Is The Bin Laden Family?


Is the bin Laden family rich?

In May 1990, the company was renamed the Saudi Binladin Group under the leadership of Bakr bin Laden. In 2009, the Bin Laden family was listed as the 5th wealthiest Saudi family by Forbes magazine, with a reported net worth of $7 billion.

How much is the bin Laden family worth?

TERROR mastermind Osama Bin Laden is most known for once being was the world’s most wanted man. But his family is one the wealthiest in the world with a reported net worth of $7 billion.

Where does bin Laden family live?

“He raised Osama from the age of three. He was a good man, and he was good to Osama.” The family have gathered in a corner of the mansion they now share in Jeddah, the Saudi Arabian city that has been home to the Bin Laden clan for generations.

Why was bin Laden kicked out of Saudi Arabia?

Bin Laden is expelled from Saudi Arabia due to his anti-government activities. He takes refuge in Sudan. Eventually, Saudi Arabia revokes his citizenship, and his family disowns him as well. A truck bombing at a military base in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, kills five Americans and two Indians.

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What did they do with Osama’s body?

The raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was launched from Afghanistan. U.S. military officials said that after the raid U.S. forces took the body of bin Laden to Afghanistan for identification, then buried it at sea within 24 hours of his death in accordance with Islamic tradition.

Why did bin Laden attack the US?

In Osama bin Laden’s November 2002 “Letter to America “, he explicitly stated that al-Qaeda’s motives for their attacks include: Western support for attacking Muslims in Somalia, supporting Russian atrocities against Muslims in Chechnya, supporting the Indian oppression against Muslims in Kashmir, the Jewish aggression

What states were affected by 911?

  • Manhattan, New York, U.S.;
  • Arlington County, Virginia, U.S.;
  • Stonycreek Township near. Shanksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Did bin Laden work for the CIA?

According to some CIA officers, beginning in early 1980, bin Laden acted as a liaison between the Saudi General Intelligence Presidency (GIP) and Afghan warlords, but no evidence of contact between the CIA and Bin Laden exists in the CIA archives.

Did bin Laden speak English?

bravery in battle” have been described as “legendary.” According to Michael Scheuer, bin Laden claims to speak only Arabic. In a 1998 interview, he had the English questions translated into Arabic. But others, such as Rhimaulah Yusufzai and Peter Bergen, believe he understood English.

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