Question: How To Arrange Furniture In A Large Family Room With A Fireplace On One End And The Tv On The Other?


How do you arrange furniture in a large living room with a TV and fireplace?

The Key Design Elements:

  1. Have big, comfy seating. For a balanced look, you need sumptuous and large -scale pieces to anchor your living room furniture layout.
  2. Frame your focus.
  3. Keep walls minimal.
  4. A sectional is best.
  5. Opt for a media cabinet.
  6. Minimize accent pieces.
  7. Pull in a wide sectional.
  8. Decorate your walls.

How do you arrange furniture with a TV and fireplace on opposite walls?

TV on the wall opposite to the fireplace. For smaller rooms, this means having the sofas run perpendicular to the fireplace and TV walls. For a larger room, you could have back to back sofas where you sit in one to watch TV and the other to see the fireplace.

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Where do you put a TV in a living room with a fireplace?

Tuck your TV to the side Place a credenza or media stand next to your fireplace to display your TV. It won’t be the main focus of the room, but it is still easy to see from the sofa. And when you’re not interested in screen time, you still have your cozy fireplace as the main focal point.

Can you put a sofa in front of a fireplace?

If you have a nonfunctional fireplace and/or don’t want to incorporate it into your layout, putting a sofa in front of it is a great way to maximize space. It also uses the fireplace as an architectural backdrop!

How do you place furniture in a living room with a fireplace?

Choose a focal point for the room, and orient your furniture around it. This will ensure an organized and balanced look. If you have a corner fireplace, this should be your center of attention. Pay attention to comfortable traffic flow, leaving enough room between pieces for people to walk.

How do you arrange furniture in a walk through living room?

Living Room Layouts

  1. Measure the living room from wall to wall, making note of the length and width of the room. First, draw a box, noting the measurements on all sides.
  2. Decide on a focal point.
  3. Arrange tables, storage cabinets and ottomans.
  4. Assign floor and table lamps.
  5. Center your area rug.

Is it safe to put TV over fireplace?

It’s not advisable to mount a TV above a fireplace because excess heat and electronics don’t mix. The area above the fireplace is often warmer than other wall surfaces in your home. The farther the fireplace mantle extends into the room, the more it will deflect heat from the above wall (and TV mounted there).

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How far should couch be from TV?

A general guideline is to sit between 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement away, with about a 30-degree viewing angle. For example, if you have a 40″ TV, you should be sitting somewhere between 5 and 8.3 feet from the screen.

Does heat from fireplace damage TV?

The short answer is – yes. However, to ensure your television isn’t damaged from the heat, care must be taken to ensure heat generated by the fireplace is redirected away from television. There are several ways to do this, such as installing a proper mantel and building an alcove for the television.

Does the sofa have to face the TV?

“People often feel their sofa has to be squarely in front of the television in their living room,” Kapur says. “On the contrary, TVs work well when they’re positioned off-center so they won’t become the focal point of all social interactions.”

How do I protect my TV from fireplace heat?

A well placed Fireplace Mantel or a Fireplace shelf can act as a buffer to help protect your heirlooms and TV from the heat radiating up from the front of your fireplace. It can offer only some protection though, to delicate electronics and the plastic casing around your television.

How do you layout a room with a fireplace and TV?

Embrace the layout! Arrange the furniture to match the angle of the fireplace instead of fighting the angle. Position the TV close to the fireplace to take advantage of the angle and allow both items to serve as focal points in the room.

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How far should a sofa be from a fireplace?

Insurance companies, government agencies and fireplace manufacturers recommend placing furniture a minimum of 3 feet away from a fire burning in any type of fireplace.

How far should a couch be from a gas fireplace?

Keep A Safe Distance It’s recommended that there are at least three feet between the fireplace and the furniture. Even if you’re using a screen or glass doors to protect from popping embers, the heat produced by the fire can damage furniture.

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