Question: How To Light For Large Family Groups?


How do you light a large group photo?

Position your first light as in lighting setup #1 above…on axis with the camera, high overhead and pointing down. But this time, add a second light right next to the first light. The two will work together as a single light source in your image, giving you enough light to power your group.

How do you photograph a large group of people?

7 photography tips for shooting with big groups

  1. Be confident. Organizing a group portrait can be nerve-wracking.
  2. Arrange people in a staggered formation.
  3. Keep the group close together.
  4. Make sure people’s faces aren’t covered.
  5. Be strategic about lighting.
  6. Shoot a sequence of photos.
  7. Let your subjects have fun.

How do you pose a large group of people?

Pose each family together in the larger portrait first, then, if you have time, mix them up a bit and have some fun. Ask them to play, run, walk, do a group hug, or anything that will create authentic smiles and expressions from the oldest to the youngest. Take time to get portraits of the adults as well.

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What lens is best for large group photos?

When it comes to larger groups, choosing a wider lens is a must. The best versatile lens for both portraits AND large groups is a 35mm. This gives you the ability to capture a larger group without the use of rows. You could also use a lens like the 24mm or the 24-70mm.

How do you get a large group in focus?

The easiest way to get an entire group in focus is to pose them in a single line. And make sure everyone is the same distance from the camera. While that’s great for small groups, larger groups need layers to fit everyone in the image.

What F stop should I use for a group photo?

Aperture – between f /2 and f /4 for a single subject (get the background out of focus) or f /5.6- f /8 for groups. Shutter speed – at least 1/200th handheld, or 1/15th on a tripod (faster if you’re photographing kids).

Is a 50mm lens good for group shots?

The great thing about a 50mm lens is that the curvature of the focal plane is minimal compared to other focal lengths, especially wider lenses. That’s another reason why a 50mm is a great option for shooting larger groups if you have the room.

How do you stand in a group photo?

Stand Out in a Group Shot “If you’re sitting or standing at the edge of a group, angle your hips toward the group, then turn your shoulders to the camera and pull them back a bit to whittle the waist,” says Cavaco. (Yup, Chrissy Teigen.)

How do you take a group of photos in low light?

As you need to get more light from the ambient, you will need to slow the shutter down till it allows some of the ambient to register. For aperture, you will need to set about f4. 5 – F8 for most group shots ranging in number from 6 to 30, IMO. Then you need to intro strobe to fill the needed amount of light.

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How do photographers pose for groups?


  1. Shoot at 50mm or longer, as wider lenses will distort the group and make people in the front appear larger than those at the back.
  2. Ensure everyone is clearly visible.
  3. Try and space everyone out so the image does not feel too constricted.
  4. Shoot at least 10-15 frames.
  5. Keep the dialogue going.

How do you shoot large family portraits?

Helpful Tips To Make Your Family Portraits Look Great

  1. Try to use a tripod.
  2. Make sure everyone is visible.
  3. Smaller Children Should Go in Front.
  4. Tall People Go in the Back.
  5. Check the Lighting.
  6. Give Your Clients a Head’s Up.
  7. Have Everyone on the Same Plane of Focus.
  8. Find Your Focus.

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