Quick Answer: How Big Of A Refrigerator Should I Buy For A Family Of 4?


What is the best size refrigerator for a family of 4?

To help you find the best refrigerators outside the standard dimensions, we have guides to the best counter-depth refrigerators, 30-inch-wide refrigerators, and 33-inch-wide refrigerators. As for capacity, most manufacturers recommend 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four.

Which refrigerator is best for 4 people?

  • Haier 276 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-2964PBG-E, Black Glass, Bottom Freezer)
  • Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-3404PMG-E, Mirror Glass)
  • Samsung 324 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT34T4533SL/HL, Real Stainless, Convertible)

What is the average size of a fridge in Australia?

In Australia, the typical fridge has the following dimensions: Height: 1700mm to 1900mm. Width: 470mm to 900mm. Depth: 492mm to 900mm.

What size fridge do I need for a family of 3?

2. Fridge Size

Household size (number of people) Fridge capacity /volume (litres) Price range (AUD)
1 – 2 people 200 – 380 litres $430 – $2399
3 – 4 people 350 – 530 litres $699 – $4799
5+ people 440+ litres $1079 – $5499
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What is a good size for a refrigerator?

It varies, but a general rule of thumb is that you’ll want 4 to 6 cubic feet (cu. ft.) of refrigerator space per adult in your household, along with a little bit of extra contingency room. With full- size refrigerators ranging from 10 to 32 cu.

What brand of fridge is most reliable?

The 9 Best Refrigerator Brands of 2021

  • GE. Buy on Lowe’s Buy on Home Depot Buy on Geappliances.com.
  • Frigidaire. Buy on Lowe’s Buy on Home Depot Buy on Frigidaire.com.
  • LG. Buy on Lowe’s Buy on Home Depot Buy on Lg.com.
  • Whirlpool. Buy on Lowe’s Buy on Home Depot Buy on Whirlpool.com.
  • Maytag.
  • KitchenAid.
  • Cafe.
  • Danby.

Which fridge is best for family?

Best refrigerators for a family of five or more on Amazon India

  • Samsung Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator.
  • LG Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator.
  • Haier Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator.
  • LG Frost Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator.

Which type of refrigerator is best?

Here’s a list of the best refrigerators to buy, according to testing:

  • Best Overall Refrigerator: GE Profile Series French-Door Refrigerator.
  • Best Value Refrigerator: Maytag Wide French Door Refrigerator.
  • Best Smudge-Proof Refrigerator: Kenmore Elite French Door.
  • Best Door-in-Door Refrigerator: LG InstaView Door-in-Door.

Which refrigerator is best LG or Samsung or whirlpool?

With the highest market share in terms of refrigerators, LG stands ahead of both Samsung and Whirlpool. Moreover, LG’s brand is recognized primarily for refrigerators, whereas Samsung and Whirlpool have just diversified into this sector.

What is the widest fridge you can get?

The largest -capacity refrigerators from Whirlpool measure up to 36 inches wide and over 70 inches high, so you ‘ ll need to be sure you have adequate room available to install a larger appliance.

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How wide should a refrigerator opening be?

The standard width opening for modern refrigerators is 36 inches, with this in mind, refrigerator manufacturers produce all current model refrigerators to be less than 36 inches wide. Most are 35 3/4 inches or less, this allows for the refrigerator to slide into the allotted space.

How do I know if my fridge will fit?

You want to measure the space at its narrowest points to ensure a good fit. Measure the height of the space from the floor to the lowest point on the upper cabinet. Make this measurement twice, first at the front of the space and then at the back of the space.

Do fridges need space around them?

Refrigerators need to breathe. If they are entirely boxed in, then there’s not much room for ventilation. When you measure the space for the refrigerator, and compare it to the size of the refrigerator, leave at least 1 inch of extra room for the back and the top of the refrigerator.

How much clearance does a fridge freezer need?

How much clearance space do I need around an American Fridge Freezer? We recommend around 5cm of clearance space for ventilation. You should also check the space around where your new appliance will go to make sure you can definitely open the doors and drawers properly.

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