Quick Answer: How Large Is The Family Of Syedna Ali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin?


When did Burhanuddin Maula die?

Mohammed Burhanuddin

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin 52nd Dā’ī al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra
Other names Abul Qaidjoher (Kunya) Burhanuddin (Laqab)
Born Mohammed6 March 1915 Surat, Bombay Presidency, British India
Died 17 January 2014 (aged 98) Malabar Hill, Mumbai, India


How many Dawoodi Bohras are there in the world?

As of 2021, there are an estimated two to five million Dawoodi Bohras that reside in over 100 countries. The majority reside in the Indian state of Gujarat and in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

Are bohras Shia?

Dawoodi Bohras are Shia Muslims of the Ismaili Mustaaliam sect who believe that their 21st imam went into seclusion in Yemen in the 12th century and appointed a deputy, called a dai-e-mutlaq, to lead the community. After facing opposition from Sunni Muslims, the 24th dai moved to Gujarat in northwestern India.

When did Syedna Taher Saifuddin pass away?

Taher Saifuddin

Syedna Taher Saifuddin 51st Da’i al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra
Born Taher 4 August 1888 Surat, British Raj
Died 12 November 1965 (aged 77) Matheran, India
Resting place Raudat Tahera, Mumbai
Religion Islam


What is Ashara mubaraka?

Every year, Dawoodi Bohras throughout the world – including those living in Plano, place great importance on Ashara Mubaraka, a 10-day period of spiritual reflection and education at the beginning of the Islamic year that commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Husain ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed SAW.

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Is Bohra a Hindu?

AU Bohras can be traced to converts made by Shiite Missionaries of the Ismaili sect in the eleventh century. Some of them claim to come from Egyptian-Arab and Yemen-Arab ancestors. Others maintain they are entirely of Hindu blood; according to the Sunni Bohras they were converted from many castes.

Who are Bohra by caste?

  • Bohora or Bohra, a Brahmin and Khas Chhetri (Kshatriya) surname found in Nepal and Uttarakhand, India.
  • Vohra, a surname of the Khatri caste in Punjab.

How many types of Muslims are there?

Though the two main sects within Islam, Sunni and Shia, agree on most of the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam, a bitter split between the two goes back some 14 centuries. The divide originated with a dispute over who should succeed the Prophet Muhammad as leader of the Islamic faith he introduced.

Can a Shia marry a Bohra?

Bohras are Muslims as we fulfils all the criteria for being Muslim and you can marry any Muslim without converting to his sect there is no need to leave your Sunni sect for marriage. If the boy is from Dawoodi Bohra community you can ‘t convert anyway!

Who is the head of Bohra community?

Mufaddal Saifuddin

Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin 53rd Dā’ī al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra
Alma mater Al Jamea tus Saifiyah Mumbai University Al-Azhar University Cairo University
Occupation Spiritual Leader Philanthropist
Style His Holiness
Awards Full list


Why Bohra Muslims speak Gujarati?

So what is this Gujarati that the Bohris speak? The Dawoodi Bohras (aka bohris) speak a dialect of Gujarati peppered with Arabic and Urdu, officially known as Lisan ul-Dawat. This is popularly called the “ Bohri Gujarati ” and internally referred to as Dawat-ni-zabaan within this peace-loving community.

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