Quick Answer: How To Decorate A Small Family Room With Large Sectional?


How do I arrange a large sectional in a small living room?

Corner Placement The most obvious arrangement for a sectional in a small room is to push an L-shaped couch right up into the far corner of the room, facing the TV or fireplace. This option opens up the room and maximizes seating without blocking off the flow from the adjacent room.

How do you style a room with a large sectional?

For U-shaped sectionals, try a square or round coffee table in front of the main couch. Add two chairs facing the sectional, or a loveseat if the room is large. If the sectional has a chaise, you might add a rectangular coffee table in front of the main section of the couch. Then put a chair opposite the chaise.

How do you decorate a family room with a sectional?

20 Living Room Design Ideas for the Gray Sectional Owner

  1. Choose a Cozy Rug. Don’t underestimate the power of a comfy area rug.
  2. Add Splashy Color.
  3. Go for Wallpaper.
  4. Select a Cozy Material.
  5. Work With White.
  6. Take a Modern Approach.
  7. Accent With Tile.
  8. Pair With Punchy Curtains.
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What do you do if your sectional is too big?

Some ideas for making a sectional that is too big include:

  1. Push sectionals into walls or corners without blocking exits.
  2. Split up the sectional.
  3. Make the best use of sectional pieces.

Should you put a sectional in a small living room?

“A sectional can give you that maxed-out seating and help the room feel like a cozy nook, not a cramped back office.” She recommends choosing a piece with a low back and arms to “help a small room not feel engulfed by a piece of furniture,” and using either standing lamps behind it or sconces above it to light the room

Can you put a sectional in a small room?

The right sectional can make a small space feel bigger, open, and inviting. Sectionals are a great fit for small living room spaces, in part because of all of the customizable options available. Sectionals of yesteryear, sometimes gaudy and often cumbersome, are now sleek, stylish, and can be tailed to fit your space.

Where do I put my chaise lounge in my living room?

Consider the following places in your living room for a chaise lounge:

  • Next to a bay window.
  • In a secondary seating arrangement.
  • As part of your sectional.
  • Near a sliding glass door.
  • In front of the television.
  • Next to your couches.
  • In your outdoor living room.

Which side should a chaise be on?

A good rule of thumb is to place the chaise on the side with the least amount of traffic. Note: When a piece is labeled as right arm facing (RAF), it means the arm is on your right as you are looking at it. If a piece is labeled as left arm facing (LAF), the arm is on your left as you are looking at it.

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What do you put behind the corner of a sectional?

Install Corner Shelves You can mount two floating shelves to fit in the corner above the sectional and fill them with frames and objects. If your room has limited wall space, placing bookcases behind your sectional is a great way to add a ton of storage as well as interest.

How do you arrange an L shaped couch?

Alternatively, you could arrange the L – shaped sectional with the sofa perpendicular to the long side and facing the short end of the ” L.” An L – shaped sectional makes good use of a corner in a small or narrow room; the couch can go on the side of the sectional where it fits best.

Does a sectional have to be in a corner?

Sectionals are the most inviting. Sectionals can help maximize seating options in smaller homes, especially when placed in a corner. All you need is a room with two walls.

Are L shaped sofas a good idea?

Although an L – shaped couch may appear to be bulky and big, it’s the most suitable option for a small living room as it provides more seating within the limited space. It’s economical if one looks at the per seat price. They help to create a modern look in the living room and are the ideal choice for casual seating.

Does a sectional make a room look bigger?

The low profile also helps accentuate the room’s high ceilings and makes it feel so much larger even though much more floor space is actually covered by the sectional. Even better, it can comfortably seat SO MANY people!

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How do you make an oversized couch look smaller?

How to Make Big Furniture Look Smaller

  1. Pare Down the Rest of Your Space. A piece of furniture may only seem big because it is out of proportion to the space that it’s in.
  2. Arrange Furniture to Create Natural Pathways.
  3. Refinish the Room to Make it Look Bigger.
  4. Refinish or Rework the Furniture.

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