Quick Answer: Revit Family Is Large When I Load Into Project?


Why is my Revit file so large?

Every BIM manager needs to monitor this statistic for every Revit file they manage. If a file grows too large it either means that something is going wrong on the project, or it means that something is about to go wrong.

How do you scale down a family in Revit?

You cannot resize or scale a family in the project environment. To scale a family in the Family Editor, you can create and use a parameter that adjusts its size.

Why Revit Cannot load family files?

Causes: This message can occur when not using the Load Family command through the Insert Ribbon tab, but instead using the Load Family command after starting to place an element. For example, clicking on Component, and then clicking on Load Family, instead of clicking on Load Family first.

Can you purge a Revit file?

Purging a Revit model assists in removing unused families, views, and objects from a project. It is recommended that the model should be purged after every submittal and milestone to remove any remaining elements that have accumulated in the project.

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How do I reduce the size of a project in Revit?

Looking for a way to reduce the file size of your Revit project file (. rvt)? The trick is to use the File –>Save As button. In the Options there is a checkbox called “Compact File “.

Why can’t I change the scale in Revit?

There are a few ways to deal with this situation: Remove (unassign) the view template from the view. This should unlock all of the properties so that they can be modified independently from the View Template. Modify scale defined in the view template.

How do you scale an object in Revit 2020?

Do one of the following:

  1. Select the elements to scale, and click Modify | tab Modify panel ( Scale ).
  2. Click Modify tab Modify panel ( Scale ), select the elements to scale, and then press Enter.

How do I load a family in Revit 2021?


  1. Click Insert tab Load from Library panel ( Load Family ).
  2. In the Load Family dialog, double-click the category of the family that you want to load.
  3. Preview any of the families (RFA) in the category: To preview a single family, select it from the list.
  4. Select the family that you want to load, and click Open.

Why is Revit not opening?

Check that Antivirus is not blocking (see that Trend Micro Antivirus is blocking Revit ). Reset Revit Settings. Install the latest updates using the Autodesk Desktop App. Update the graphics card driver using the Certified Graphics Hardware page.

How do I install Project Browser in Revit?

As you expand and collapse each branch, lower-level items display. To open the Project Browser, click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down Project Browser, or right-click anywhere in the application window and click Browsers Project Browser.

What is the most current version of Revit?

Revit 2022 is now available.

What is FormIt pro?

FormIt is an intuitive 3D sketching tool for the conceptual design phase. Design anywhere, anytime within a simple and powerful design environment. Make informed design decisions with site context, solar impact, and energy analysis. Connect conceptual designs to BIM workflows with native Revit integration.

How do I download a Revit library?


  1. From the Control Panel, select “Programs and Features.”
  2. Select the Autodesk Revit Content Libraries #### for the version you wish to update.
  3. Choose “Uninstall/Change.”
  4. Once the install wizard launches, select “Add/Remove Features.”
  5. In the dialog, select the libraries you wish to install, then click “Next.”

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