Quick Answer: Who Played Byron In Madea Big Happy Family?


Who was the girl who said Byron?


Kimberly Watkins
Aunt Bam, Byron, Kimberly, and Calvin in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family The Movie
Race African American
Gender Female
Spouse Calvin Calloway Sr.

How old was Byron in Madea big happy family?

Byron, the 18-year- old “baby” of the family, already has a baby, a police record (for selling drugs) and terrible taste in women.

Who is the baby in Madea’s Big Happy Family?

“Heaven Waits” was originally featured in the Tyler Perry play ” Madea’s Big Happy Family “. Who is the baby in Madea’s Big Happy Family?

Byron Watkins
Portrayed By Jeffery Lewis or Bow Wow Moss

Who played Renee in Madea’s Big Happy Family?

Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011) – Lauren London as Renee – IMDb.

Is Bam Madea’s sister?

Madea’s brother Joe has 2 children, Brian, an attorney who was married to Debrah has 2 children, Tiffany and Brian Jr. Madea’s two cousins, Aunt Betty Ann Murphy ( Bam ) and an unknown cousin. The unknown sister had 2 children, Monroe and Shirley.

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Did Tammy from Madea’s Big Happy Family Die?

Desselle-Reid was known for her roles in ” Madea’s Big Happy Family,” “Eve” and “B*A*P*S*.” A statement on her Instagram said she died of colon cancer. “It is with extremely heavy hearts that we share the loss of our beautiful Natalie this morning from colon cancer,” a statement on Desselle-Reid’s Instagram read.

Who is Cora’s daddy?

Cora Jean Simmons
Siblings Michelle Simmons- Griffin(Sister, deceased), William Simmons(Brother, deceased), and Myrtle Simmons (Sister-In-Law)
Parents Mother, Madea and Father, Mr. Leroy Brown
Other Family Vianne, Maylee, Helen, Gina, Jackie, Aunt Bam, Shirley, Sonny, Victoria, Shelia, and Vickie
Potrayed By Tamela Mann

Did Shirley die in Madea?

But luckily Madea was there because Bam called her to come up here and straighten their problems out. Unfortunately, their problems couldn’t be straightened out before Shirley died but, after the funeral was over and they all came over to her house, Madea straightened their problems out.

How is Aunt Bam related to Madea?

Character. Betty Ann ” Aunt Bam ” Murphy is Madea ‘s first cousin, and partner in crime. She is depicted to be similar to Madea, but slightly more promiscuous and reckless.

How old is Madea Simmons?

Not much is known about Madeas’s actual background, but it is revealed in Madeas Family Reunion that she has an aunt Ruby, and she is 88 years old. In Madea Goes To Jail, she said that she was also a stripper and a.

What happened to Kimberly in Madea’s Big Happy Family?

Miscellaneous. Tammy reveals that Kimberly got pregnant at 13, after Shirley’s funeral Madea later reveals that Kimberly got raped by her uncle when she was 12 years old, Byron is 18 which would means Kimberly is in her early 30s and a grandmother to Bryon’s son and Shirley a great-grandmother.

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Did they take Madea’s Big Happy Family off of Netflix?

Yes, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family is now available on American Netflix.

Who is Madea’s granddaughter?

Helen is the main protagonist in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman. She is the wife of Charles McCarter, daughter of Myrtle and William, sister of Jackie and Gina, and granddaughter of Madea.

What is the song in Madea’s Big Happy Family?

Ain’t Nobody Perfect.

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