Readers ask: How Does Disney Memory Maker Work With A Large Party Of Family And Friends?


Can friends and family use memory maker?

Absolutely, if you’re linked to others in your party through My Disney Experience Family & Friend it is possible to share Memory Maker. Everyone linked will be able to have their photos captured using the account. However only the person that purchased Memory Maker is able to reach the photos and download them.

Can Disney memory maker be shared?

Once you’ve downloaded your photos to your computer or mobile device, you are free to share them however you wish—including by printing them at home, over email or through popular social media services like Facebook and Twitter.

How do I share my Disney memory maker with family?

On your Family & Friends list, locate the Guest you want to share your photos with and select “Edit” to access the photo sharing control. If someone is not on your Family & Friends list and you do not wish to add them, you can also invite people to view your photos through email or Facebook.

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Is memory maker for the whole family?

Disney PhotoPass Service has photographers stationed around Walt Disney World Resort ready to get your entire family in the photo and cameras ready to capture your experience at select attractions. Memory Maker is a product offered by Disney PhotoPass Service.

What is the difference between Disney PhotoPass and memory maker?

What is the difference between Memory Maker and PhotoPass?” Disney PhotoPass Service is the system used at Walt Disney World Resort to take your pictures in the theme parks, on certain attractions and at some Character Dining locations. Memory Maker allows you to download all of those photos and videos for one price.

How do I add someone to my memory maker?

Sign in and go to the “My Reservations and Tickets” tab. Scroll down until you see Memory Maker and then click the link to enter your Memory Maker ID or ticket order number. You can assign the ownership of the Memory Maker to yourself or someone else in your travel party and then confirm your choice.

What is included with Disney memory maker?

Memory Maker Includes: Digital downloads of your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos. Select attraction photos and videos. Iconic, professional photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers. Magic Shots – featuring Disney characters and more, added to your photos.

Can you link more than one magic band to memory maker?

You are absolutely allowed to link all Guests within your party to the Memory Maker so that you will all be able to obtain all of your magical shots, as well as on-ride photos and videos.

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How long can you use memory maker?

How long can I use my Memory Maker for? Once you ‘ve started using Memory Maker, you can capture photos and videos for the next 30 days. They will then be available to download from your account for 45 days from the date the photo was taken.

Is Disney memory maker worth it?

Memory Maker is Worth It For: You can link all your Magic Bands under the same account and share the cost. It’s a great way to get everyone in the picture as well. (Note: you can share Memory Maker with anyone so find out if your neighbor down the street is headed to Disney during the same school vacation as you.

How do you share Disney?

Share using a Disney Plus Gift Subscription That’s right, the company offers consumers the option to gift an entire subscription (perhaps to keep you from sharing your password), so it’s worth mentioning that as an option. All you need to do is visit the Gift Subscription website and click on the option to get started.

How do I see my pictures from Disney?

A. You can view your photos on Disney PhotoPass and on the My Disney Experience Mobile App! Select your favorites and add them to your cart. Visit My Downloads and download as many photos —as many times—as you wish.

Does memory maker include ride photos?

Memory Maker includes all of the photos taken, either in a single day or for the entire length of your visit. Also included in Memory Maker are ride photos and videos, stock photos and videos, and we’ve even gotten a voicemail from Buzz and Woody!

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Do I need a magic band for memory maker?

You are not required to have a MagicBand to use Memory Maker, but some attraction photos and video do rely on it to capture your memories so I recommend having one. If you are staying in a Disney Resort Hotel, everyone in your party will receive a complimentary MagicBand.

Is Disney memory maker worth it during Covid?

Overall, for us Memory Maker was absolutely worth it on our trip. We have tons of amazing photo memories from our vacation! If you will be bothered by masks in photos, won’t make good use of the unlimited photos, or don’t care about getting the whole group in the picture, it may not be right for you this time.

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