Readers ask: How To Take Large Family Portraits Outside?


How do you take outside groups of pictures?

7 photography tips for shooting with big groups

  1. Be confident. Organizing a group portrait can be nerve-wracking.
  2. Arrange people in a staggered formation.
  3. Keep the group close together.
  4. Make sure people’s faces aren’t covered.
  5. Be strategic about lighting.
  6. Shoot a sequence of photos.
  7. Let your subjects have fun.

What is the best way to take outdoor portraits?

13 Tips for Improving Outdoor Portraits

  1. 1) Never select all of the focus points for portraits; pick one.
  2. 2) Always focus on the eyes.
  3. 3) Shoot wide open for shallow depth of field.
  4. 4) Never, ever shoot a portrait at less than 50mm; try to stay at 70mm or higher.
  5. 5) Always shoot in RAW.

What is the best lens to use for outdoor family portraits?

Top Pick For Family Portraits | Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM The 50mm prime is Canon’s most inexpensive prime lens and also one of the most useful portrait lenses, especially when you’re shooting more than one person. There are good reasons that the 50mm lens became the normal lens for full-frame 35mm photography.

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Can you use a 50mm lens for family portraits?

Wide angle lenses give us flexibility on our angle of view. We can fit so much in but we do need to be careful of distortion in the corners which can be an issue for family portraits. The 50mm lens is close to what our eye naturally sees and is an excellent place to start.

What F stop should I use for family portraits?

Choose an appropriate aperture As a starting point, many lifestyle family photographers choose to shoot wide open for individual portraits ( f /2.2 works really well if you’re after beautiful background bokeh), and around f /5.6 for group shots to ensure everyone is in focus.

Where do you focus in a group photo?

For group portraits, avoid placing the focus point on someone that’s towards the edges of the frame. The sharpest focus comes from the centre focal points. If you have a group of two rows or less, place the focal point on the face of a person towards the centre of the first row.

How do you shoot large family portraits?

Here are our top focus tips for getting sharp family and group portraits on a wedding day or during a large group family session.

  1. One Shooter, One Organizer.
  2. Line Up Their Feet.
  3. Focus on the People in the Front.
  4. Pick the Right Aperture.
  5. Speed Up Your Shutter.
  6. Watch Out for Lens Flare.
  7. Check Your LCD Screen.

What is the best aperture for outdoor portraits?

When shooting portraits, it’s best to set a wide aperture (around f/2.8-f/5.6) to capture a shallow depth of field, so the background behind your subject is nicely blurred, making them stand out better.

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What is the best time to take portraits outside?

Generally speaking, the best time of day for outdoor portraits is golden hour, which is about one hour before sunset or one hour after sunrise. You can still create beautiful photos at other times though.

Should I use flash for outdoor portraits?

The majority of the time, shooting outdoors doesn’t require firing a flash, even in the shade, as the sun does most of the hard work for you. If you have a subject that you can move, try to get them to change their positioning so that the sun hits them from the side rather than from behind.

Is 70mm good for portraits?

Zoom Lenses Especially useful when shooting full-length and environmental portraits, a 24- 70mm or 28-105mm lens that maintains the f/2.8 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range provides a good balance between low-light performance and zoom flexibility. The key disadvantage is that you don’t get as wide an aperture.

What settings should I use for outdoor photography?

The best camera settings for outdoor photo shoots.

  • Aperture – How wide the lens opens. An aperture (or f-stop) around f/4 or lower is good for single subjects, while an f-stop around f/11 is best for group shots and landscapes.
  • Shutter speed – How long the shutter stays open.
  • ISO – Sensor sensitivity to light.

What size lens is best for family portraits?

If you’re shooting a big family, a 50 or 85mm lens will give you the wide angle you need to get everyone in the frame. If you’re shooting family portraits with only a couple of subjects, you can use a lens with a slightly longer focal length, like an 85mm, to fill the frame without having to stand too close.

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