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How do I become a licensed daycare provider in Massachusetts?

Must be at least 21 years old or have a high school diploma or equivalent and have at least 9 months of supervised work experience with children under 7 years old and have a three credit course in Child Growth and Development; or have a Child Development Associate Credential; or have graduated from a two-year high

What is the difference between a family daycare and a group daycare?

A child care center cares for larger groups of children in a facility outside a private home. Family child care providers are required to register and meet specific rules in most states. Family child care homes are more likely to have mixed-age groups of children. Neither child care setting is better than the other.

Does EEC certification expire?

Yes, an Early Education and Care ( EEC ) certification will need to be renewed on an annual basis. Your renewal date is based on when you first register, and you will be able to see the date on your profile and printable registration confirmation.

How do I get a copy of my EEC certificate?

Individuals seeking a copy of their EEC certificate for Teacher, Lead Teacher, or Director should direct this request via email to [email protected]

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What are the disadvantages of in home child care?

Some disadvantages to home -based childcare are:

  • Caregivers may not have additional education/certification as required by larger centers.
  • May not have substitute caregivers – if the owner is sick, the center is closed.
  • Less resources.
  • May watch more T.V.

What are the disadvantages of daycare?

Cons of Sending Your Child to Daycare

  • The Cost of Daycare.
  • Daycare Hours May Not Be Convenient.
  • Holiday Hours.
  • Learned Behavior in Daycare.
  • Your Child is Going to be Sick More Often.
  • Daycare Sick Policies.
  • Your Child’s Reaction to Daycare.
  • Less Quality Time with Your Child.

Are family daycares safe?

Family day care can provide a safe, natural home-based environment for your child, with flexible routines and quality care. The smaller setting can also foster strong relationships between the children, educator and parents.

What is a PQ number?

PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) measures the relative strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur). PQ is the most widely used measure of mental fitness.

What is a PQ registry?

Welcome to EEC’s Professional Qualifications Registry ( PQ Registry ). Educators working in programs serving children from birth through school age, regardless of setting, can create an individual educator profile in the PQ Registry.

How do I get Pqr?

Q. How to I find my PQR number? Users can log into EEC’s Single Sign In at and click on the “Professional Qualifications Registry” application. The PQR number is listed next to your name in the upper left corner.

How do I get an EEC?

You need:

  1. 36 months of experience if you have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  2. 27 months of experience if you have a Certificate such as a CDA Credential, community college, or Montessori credential.
  3. 18 months of experience if you have an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field.
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What is EEC education?

The Early Education Center ( EEC ) is a community-based school committed to creating a positive, safe, and nurturing environment in order to stimulate a child’s curiosity, creativity, and ultimately, a joy for learning. Each classroom is staffed with 3 early childhood educators.

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