Readers ask: What To Do With Large Family Portraits After Divorce?


Should I keep family pictures after divorce?

You don’t need to leave framed family photos scattered through the house or a photo album on the coffee table (or digital file on the desktop of your computer), but you should try to save many of them for your kids. They will want to look at them from time to time, and that’s ok.

What do I do with pictures of my ex husband?

Things To Keep In Mind Don’t tear photos in half just to remove him or her. You’ll always have a bad feeling about that photo. Either pass it on, toss it, or digitally crop the part of the photo that is still meaningful to you. Be kind and return any one-of-a-kind historical photos of previous generations on his side.

What divorced parents should never do?

Parents Should Avoid Doing This When Divorcing

  • Don’t try to be secretive about what is happening, but guard against providing too much information.
  • Don’t put your children in the middle of a situation.
  • Don’t speak negatively about your spouse.
  • Don’t vent to your children about the issues of the divorce.
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What do I do with Facebook pictures after divorce?

You could reach out to your friends and ask them to delete the pictures. This is a good, long-term solution, but it will take some time for you to contact everyone on your Facebook Messenger list.

Is it normal to keep photos of an ex?

“If the images you have of your ex [are] making a new partner uncomfortable, toss them. If you want to be sensitive to your new partner’s feelings about photos with your ex, then that’s fine. But if deleting those photos makes you feel uncomfortable, then communicate that to your partner.

How do you photograph wedding Parents with divorced parents?

Talk to your photographer in advance about the situation, and let him/her know which family shots, as well as candid shots, you would like taken. While you may want family photos with both of your parents, former spouses may refuse to be in photographs together. Find out ahead of time what is acceptable for them.

Should I keep photos of my ex wife?

It’s different for everyone, but as a general rule, keeping photos of your ex around is not healthy or helpful. In some cases, keeping these photos stored away somewhere in a special “ ex ” box in your closet or a secret “ ex ” file in your computer can be even worse than the occasional binge or regrettable hookup.

What do I do with wedding pictures after divorce?

Save the photos for when your children are older and living in a place of their own. You can give them to your kids then. As time goes on, your bitterness about the divorce will fade and you may even look back upon your wedding as an important day in your life.

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Why are ex wives jealous of new wife?

The reason an ex – spouse feel jealous is related to a need to control others to make ourselves feel safe. Jealous divorced persons are trying to manage their own fears by exerting control over an ex – spouse. Jealousy isn’t about love, it’s about the jealous person’s own anxieties and insecurities.

What should you not say to divorced parents?

“I bet you’re not the relationship type.” I bet you’re not the “can carry on a normal conversation” type. 5. (If one of your parents has more kids) “Is it weird having half-siblings around?” If it’s awkward having half-siblings, I’ll probably bring it up. If I even like you enough to have this conversation with you.

Should divorced parents do things together?

While it is generally recognized that co-parenting can provide additional comfort and stability for young children after a divorce, experts suggest that spending too much time together after a divorce can have some potentially-negative effects as well.

Why does divorce mess kids up?

Divorce brings relief from stress. In many other cases, however, divorce does damage children, especially where the parents had relatively low levels of conflict. Less income, less support, and less time have negative repercussions for children because they affect the parents.

Should I delete Facebook during divorce?

Don’t Delete Your Posts, Pages, or Profiles Lawyers, however, caution against deleting accounts or posts on social media during a divorce. Since Facebook accounts can be discovered during litigation, deleting any posts or pages is not an option. Doing so could result in sanctions for destroying evidence.

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Should you unfriend your ex wife on Facebook?

Should you cut ties and unfriend them? For most people, the answer is probably yes. It is one of the many things you need to do to move on with your life and make positive choices going forward. It is easy enough to block, unfriend, or un-follow a person on any of the social media sites.

Should you delete photos of your ex from social media?

If you were in a toxic or abusive relationship, you ‘ll likely want to remove anything that will remind you of that experience, says Weiss. “Some people sanitize their social media to remove reminders of a hurtful experience,” says Xu. Deleting these images could even be therapeutic.

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